1minuteCOLOGNE – Cologne One Minute Film Festival
was founded in 2012 in the framework of Cologne International Videoart Festival.

It made sense, because the collection of videos coming up from VideoChannel and the festival selections by CologneOFF contained a large quantity of 1 minute videos on one hand, on the other hand “1 minute” is representing a very particular film format, which requires certain talents of a filmmaker – focussing on the essential in form and content.

Exactly therefore many artists choose this format – which also is ideal for the looping presentation in video installations.

Launched in 2012, as an standing alone festival presented @ ExTeresa Arte Actual Mexico City, 1minuteCOLOGNE became afterwards a corporate part of Cologne International Videoart Festival as a new category and an individual film collection of 1 minute artvideos.