Experimental Documentary


ExDox – experimental documentary film festival
was founded 2012 in the context of CologneOFF Festival Network.

The idea behind was to give the artistic and experimental approach to the filmic field of documentation more space and attention, and encourage artists/videomakers to walk on new paths. Nothing better showed the need than the kind and quantity of artistic documentaries, Cologne International Videoart festival was receiving as submissions during many years, which do not fit in any existing category – being documentary and free art work alike.

exDox realised until now one individual festival edition in 2012, but afterwards exDox got a new meaning as a new category in Cologne International Videoart Festival, as well as the name of the collection of experimental documentaries – films and videos extracted from the huge collection of artfilms operated by artvideoKOELN. exDox is representing a field of experimenting on different levels